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At Elite we wish to do our best and care to provide after repair service. At times it becomes difficult due to uncalled situations hence we have put up a page here to help our esteemed clients.

In order to be not misled, misused and misjudged by any, we wish to provide a region where you can make sure who you are dealing with and know more at personal level to get a thorough insight about the company you will be handing over your beloved device to.

Many companies or maybe not many have a direct approach for their clients, but we do. From initial quote to status update on live server. From gaining knowledge about the company and its process to after repair service support. We wish to give it all for the best of your convenience.

Please be aware of haunting and misguiding done by some and keep a straight approach with us in case of any doubt or confusion, just do not hesitate and ask us. At times there are people who pretend to be client for some personal purposes other than the process we wish to serve.

We have been a VICTIM of many of such situations, but nothing can stop us develop into a better format. Actually we wish to thank them to make our process more transparent. Fame is what everyone wants, we want it the right way and not a 15 seconds of online visibility. We ave been here and we will be here with the best of our efforts.

We have a list of 25,000 happy clients, we have been in Gadget repair and sales service for a long time, we feel proud to display our service span and glimpses of satisfied customers and happy relations with them. Bad is always less in number no matter why, where and how its formed and we do give a roof and stage for all to have their say in terms of good service or if there is anything felt bad, which is mostly due to misunderstanding or having not gone through few things.

Please go through the site and other terms and conditions areas and if you still have any thing not clear please shoot a mail to us and we will get back to you in no time.

EPAC - Elite Phones and Computers, UK

EPAC - Elite Phones and Computers, UK







        Quality Parts





            • - We give you an absolute free repair quote
            • - If you are not near our work center, we reach you
            • - Transparency - You can check repair status updates
            • - All the repairs to be done will be informed to you before being done
            • - We are available in all the official hours


            • - At times there can be mishandling by courier side
            • - Any lost or broken courier but that is covered
            • - Inavailability of Parts
            • - VAT - Sent repair quote does not incluide VAT
            • - Time Around can be delayed with reasons being informed to you