Charges more than quoted, why?

The prices given for repair are clearly meant to be the price for the REPAIR ONLY, the taxes as we know will obviously be different as that is not something to be treated as our charge or income. So please consider VAT to be existent in the world we live.


There is a minimum charge for the diagnosis, which is obvious and well deserved. The repair charge will of course be different depending on the repair required and or part repair / replacement charges.

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True and you did overcharge

Exactly my point, how come you charged me and informed there to be more charges which has a huge difference than what i was quote in your first email, after your initial quote only i booked my repair thinking that to be a decent price. But this turned out to be a horrible experience.

Hi Keith, We understand the concern but please note that the initial quote is for either a simple diagnosis which means a check up to see what actually is wrong, only after which we will be in a condition to evaluate the issues associated and calculate the repair cost, you will find the diagnosis mention in the email and it is a nominal price clearly mentioned in the quote reply.

Or In case you specify the specific repair required we quote for that only, having said that the VAT will obviously be NOT included in that offer. VAT is a totally different thing and should not be something to be included in the repair or parts actual cost. Service charge is different and tax is different which will be added only after booking and proceeding to the service and payment.

All of this is mentioned and visible prior in the email itself sent to you with the initial quote.